Monday, 9 June 2008

the last nerve is getting a bit frazzled

my least favourite time of day is between the hours of 4-6pm, that's when the house gets incredibly noisy. Four children all vying for attention, daughter no.2 being the loudest and most insistent; I feel bad because at some point during those two hours she will invariably be asked to just "be quiet for five minutes" so that either myself or Mr H can just catch our breath.

The past week has been worse though as I've had a constant headache: I think that either my brain is about to implode on itself, or the fact that the weather is changing every day is the cause of it. Weather pressure really does do nasty things to my head. Today for example is beautiful - it's 26 degrees outside with glorious sunshine and my head feels a bit better.

Yesterday wasn't so hot temperature wise, and a bit cloudier which suggested rain overnight, and therein lies the problem, it's whenever we get one extreme changing to another and the pressure either drops or rises that I get a headache.

Plus the fact that yet again I have a head cold. Which doesn't help of course. But now it just sounds like I'm vying for pity, which I'm not because any mother, whether it be of one child or a multitude, will tell you that even with a jackhammer pounding in your head, you still get on with it, pop some painkillers and hope it'll go away before bedtime. My bedtime that is, not theirs.

My day was brightened considerably this afternoon when daughter no.2 came out with not one but FOUR creations she'd made at nursery today; I shall endeavour to get pictures up later. Tomorrow I think I'll let her loose with some paints and see what she makes of them then. I love her creativity, she inspires me to be a little more creative myself every day.

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