Saturday, 21 June 2008

Race for Life 2008

tomorrow daughter no.1 and I are doing the Race for Life in Basingstoke, along with some friends. Between the 2 of us so far we have raised over £250 in sponsorship. We're thrilled, especially as this is a cause close to our hearts - Mr H's mom has terminal cancer. It makes me feel a bit more content with the world knowing that we have ambled along a 5km course raising money for this very worthwhile charity.

Just hope the sun shines now, somehow an amble over 5km in the rain just doesn't seem as appealling....

Saturday, 14 June 2008

The headache turned out to be

a kidney infection. Nice. 3 days of sweats and chills, hot and cold, not sleeping, temperature ranging from 40.3 to 39.8 on a good day. Should have thought of it sooner I guess but the dr confirmed it yesterday.

Brilliant, so again I'm ill. And fed up of it. Little under a month ago I was hospitalised due to acute supraglottitis (or as I like to call it "hells throat") and spent a day and a night on my own in the ENT ward with various drugs being pumped into me via a drip; here I am again taking antibiotics. I don't like taking antibiotics (1) because in my mind you shouldn't be putting anything like that into your system anyway, it can't be good for you in the long run and (2) having had an anaphylatic reaction to a dose of penicillen after daughter no.2 was born - stiches, yuk - it then transpired that after all the years of tonsill trouble and having to take anything ending in "illen" for it, my body had rebelled and had built up it's own immunity to the drugs, thus resulting in the allergy. Refer back to point (1)......

My endeavour this week is to research and find a comprehensive list of natural products we can all take to boost our immune systems, there are a lot of nasty bugs out there and they're heading our way, with military like precision. So far I know that we must up our zinc intake, according to websites read it's beneficial for all sorts of things, helps with skin problems, wound healing, combats lethargy.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that the headaches are gone (aside from the ones the crazy dogs give me when they bark merrily away at the new neighbours in their garden: my dogs have no manners, they're very rude - actually they're very territorial so I suppose they're only doing what comes naturally, but all day long?), the sun is coming and going as it pleases although I wish it would stay a wee bit longer.

The dogs are barking again so I'm going to go outside and shout like a hellion at them, purely because I can..........

Monday, 9 June 2008

the last nerve is getting a bit frazzled

my least favourite time of day is between the hours of 4-6pm, that's when the house gets incredibly noisy. Four children all vying for attention, daughter no.2 being the loudest and most insistent; I feel bad because at some point during those two hours she will invariably be asked to just "be quiet for five minutes" so that either myself or Mr H can just catch our breath.

The past week has been worse though as I've had a constant headache: I think that either my brain is about to implode on itself, or the fact that the weather is changing every day is the cause of it. Weather pressure really does do nasty things to my head. Today for example is beautiful - it's 26 degrees outside with glorious sunshine and my head feels a bit better.

Yesterday wasn't so hot temperature wise, and a bit cloudier which suggested rain overnight, and therein lies the problem, it's whenever we get one extreme changing to another and the pressure either drops or rises that I get a headache.

Plus the fact that yet again I have a head cold. Which doesn't help of course. But now it just sounds like I'm vying for pity, which I'm not because any mother, whether it be of one child or a multitude, will tell you that even with a jackhammer pounding in your head, you still get on with it, pop some painkillers and hope it'll go away before bedtime. My bedtime that is, not theirs.

My day was brightened considerably this afternoon when daughter no.2 came out with not one but FOUR creations she'd made at nursery today; I shall endeavour to get pictures up later. Tomorrow I think I'll let her loose with some paints and see what she makes of them then. I love her creativity, she inspires me to be a little more creative myself every day.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

....a pirate's life for me.....

There are no words to describe how excited I was to receive this gift for son no.2 from his internet antenatal club birthday buddy. To say that only the dogs could understand what I was saying in such a ridiculously high pitch is an understatement.

And here he is, accompanied by Scout, greeting Mr H upon his arrival home.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

On turning One Year Old

Having one birthday wasn't enough for son no.2, he had THREE parties. One the weekend before for grandparents and other friends & family who couldn't make the third one, the second one on the actual day of his birthday for his little friends and their mommies, and lastly, Sunday just gone for everyone else who couldn't make it before. Phew.

He's one. I can't believe this time last year I was sitting at home with a 3 day old newborn, worrying over how much milk he was drinking and if he was getting his wind up alright etc. etc. Now my worries consist of how he managed to figure out how to open the safety gate and get all the way up the stairs without falling down them. Yes, that did indeed happen last week.

Half term is over and peace reigns in the house again for the majority of the day. Daughter no.2 is embracing her artistic tendancies and skips out after nursery with an average of 4 pictures for me, pictures that she's either drawn or stuck or painted or glued or coloured; but whichever way she's chosen to do it, they're always done with love.