Saturday, 14 June 2008

The headache turned out to be

a kidney infection. Nice. 3 days of sweats and chills, hot and cold, not sleeping, temperature ranging from 40.3 to 39.8 on a good day. Should have thought of it sooner I guess but the dr confirmed it yesterday.

Brilliant, so again I'm ill. And fed up of it. Little under a month ago I was hospitalised due to acute supraglottitis (or as I like to call it "hells throat") and spent a day and a night on my own in the ENT ward with various drugs being pumped into me via a drip; here I am again taking antibiotics. I don't like taking antibiotics (1) because in my mind you shouldn't be putting anything like that into your system anyway, it can't be good for you in the long run and (2) having had an anaphylatic reaction to a dose of penicillen after daughter no.2 was born - stiches, yuk - it then transpired that after all the years of tonsill trouble and having to take anything ending in "illen" for it, my body had rebelled and had built up it's own immunity to the drugs, thus resulting in the allergy. Refer back to point (1)......

My endeavour this week is to research and find a comprehensive list of natural products we can all take to boost our immune systems, there are a lot of nasty bugs out there and they're heading our way, with military like precision. So far I know that we must up our zinc intake, according to websites read it's beneficial for all sorts of things, helps with skin problems, wound healing, combats lethargy.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that the headaches are gone (aside from the ones the crazy dogs give me when they bark merrily away at the new neighbours in their garden: my dogs have no manners, they're very rude - actually they're very territorial so I suppose they're only doing what comes naturally, but all day long?), the sun is coming and going as it pleases although I wish it would stay a wee bit longer.

The dogs are barking again so I'm going to go outside and shout like a hellion at them, purely because I can..........

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