Monday, 2 March 2009


My favourite colour is white. I love white walls, white vases, white clothes, white nappies (fresh off the washing line), white socks, white cushions, white bed linen (alas not yet in this house, but one day).

My favourite day of the week is Thursday. There's still enough of the week left to get excited about tomorrow being Friday and then the impending weekend, but most of the week gone to make me happy.

My favourite number is 7. I'm not entirely sure why, but I've always like the sound of the word seven.

My favourite animal is a cat, they're pedantic and cranky, but heaps of fun. I miss my cat.

My favourite time of the day is between the hours of 10.00am and noon, as Monday to Friday that's usually when son no.2 is having a nap and the other three are in school, Mister H is at work leaving just myself and the dogs to either savour the peace or have music playing in the background which makes all the laundry/housework/blogging (delete as applicable) an easier task.

My favourite car that I have owned was a 1983 Datsun Cherry (in Cherry Red). It's name was Marvin, after the ubiquitous Martian. I loved that car.

My favourite place in the world is South Africa. If I could lift and move my house and family in one easy go it would be to there. I love the sounds, sights, peoples, smells, languages of Africa as a whole but SA is my favourite. I love their patriotism, their all encompassing love of rugby and sports in general, their laid back attitude to life, their absolute joy of family and friends and spending time with them. I love a thick SA accent, Mister H has lost his somewhat over the years although it does come back with a vengeance when he speaks to relatives on the phone.

My favourite pieces of jewellery are my wedding, engagement and eternity rings. 9ct gold and sparkly diamonds, I cannot help but smile every time I catch sight of them.

My favourite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. I was 13 years old when I first read this book (at school) and fell in love with all the characters immediately. I named my jack russell Scout after the character in the book.

My favourite film - this is a tie between Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (yes, really!) and The Green Mile.

My favourite song of all time - again, a tie between Blue Monday by New Order (love love love) and Insomnia by Faithless (quite possibly the greatest "dance" track ever).

I don't have a favourite tv show as I don't watch enough tv to warrant one. I did however used to love Saturday Morning Swap Shop with Noel, Cheggers and Posh Paws when I was younger, and Wilo The Wisp voiced by the late, great Kenneth Williams.

Anybody care to share their favourites?

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