Monday, 12 January 2009

(Optimistic) List for tomorrow

1. Finish previously mentioned childminding policies.
2. Persuade son no.2 to have his morning nap
3. Drink copious amounts of coffee
4. FIND previously mentioned felt for various crafting projects
5. Plead with son no.2 that it really is time to go to sleep and have his morning nap
6. Finish half hearted attempt to do the laundry
7. Figure out what to have for lunch
8. NOT spend more than 10 minutes in the morning checking emails, facebook (the horror) etc.
9. Drink some more coffee
10. Wake son no.2 from morning nap (alternative option here is to fetch him out from his bedroom as he bangs on the door having already awoken from morning nap)

Spend the afternoon lamenting the fact that yet again, the list is unaccomplished.