Monday, 12 January 2009

back to normal

it's raining. After all that lovely frosty cold weather that was doing us all the power of good, clearing out our lungs, making us appreciate our scarves/gloves/hats that little bit more, we're back to our normal precipitation. In my mind I'm already running to the medicine box to find vapour rubs, cough mixtures, throat sweets as the rain can only mean that all those cold bugs will be soon making an unwelcome return.

Last Tuesday, my home town was the coldest place in England - imagine that, we're usually only famous for an air show.

It's now lunchtime, I have basketfuls of washing that need to go into the tumble dryer, which is (in)conveniently stored in the shed, it's bucketing down outside and son no.2 is happily watching a little blue steam engine on dvd.

The dogs are asleep, says it all really.

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