Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Multi generational experiences

My mum is staying with us for a few days whilst Mr H is away in Vietnam with work. It's always been imperative to me that the children have, and value, their time with the grandparents - even though their time with their fraternal set is limited as they are in South Africa. Children learn so much from their grandparents and the relationships they have with my mum are lovely. Daughter no.1 loves her nana because she listens very patiently to her stories about boys, what sixth form courses she wants to do, boys, clothes, boys, music, boys, make up; and nana doesn't do the "uh huh" head nod that mama does.....(which means that mama really isn't listening).

Son no.1 is the apple of his grandad's eye, he's such a boy - untidy, forgetful, mad about sport, argumentative, hilariously funny. He's also the image of his grandad as a youngster, down to the position and shape of the crown of his hair on his head.....it's quite uncanny.

Daughter no.2 loves her nana and grandad because they love to participate in her stories, singing, drawing, painting etc. Mama loves to do this too, but somehow it's more fun when grandparents do it.

And son no.2 is spoilt with lots of love and cuddles and kisses for his hurts when he falls over trying to walk. He has also taken to yelling "hiya" when he hears his nana coming down the stairs in the morning and giving her his best cheeky grin.

I never knew my maternal grandparents as sadly they had both passed away before I ever had a chance to get to know and remember them. And had a very limited relationship with my fraternal ones. So my children are luckier than they can ever know and their lives will be forever enriched with the experiences they have shared/will come to share with their beloved nana and grandad.

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