Monday, 14 July 2008

A good, nay great, weekend

Mr H was away in Vietnam again so I took the opportunity to take the three younger ones and go visit my aunty in Birmingham. The visit co-incided with a planned BW meet of the ante natal club that I joined online whilst expecting son no.2. We all met up at Birmingham's Botanical Gardens, which are just lovely, and had a great time. Lots of adults, lots of babies and children and lots of food - I even managed to bring a trifle home for pudding!

Mr H came home yesterday morning and the children were ecstatic about Daddy's return, I think they missed him more than I did this time if that's possible. After many hugs and kisses and handing out of gifts from daddy, son no.2 managed about 5 or 6 wobbly steps from one part of the kitchen into his dada's arms. Cue excited clapping from mama, after all, I've only managed to get him to do four at the most!

And though it was a great weekend, today has been - well, to put it mildly - splendid. Sunshine, nappies drying on the line, fighter jets and airbuses adorning the blue sky as the Airshow continues and some really really good news, which I can't divulge just yet; suffice to say it's not related to babies or children in any way, well a little bit I guess but not much. So we're off out tonight to celebrate and that's the cherry on the cake, to go to my favourite restaurant with my favourite people in the whole world on a warm(ish) summer's evening. Bliss.

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