Tuesday, 8 September 2009


It is the smell of the rain on a dirt road after a tempestuous Natal thunder storm, it is the deep reds and violets of a bizarrely beautiful sunset over the veld, it is the smell of 'boerie on the braai' on a sunday, the salty, warm sea breeze of Kalk Bay and the warmest smile and greeting from a stranger working in a small street cafe. It is the unquestioned unity of the crowds at our sports matches regardless of races or faces or fears. It is about the pride in a South African flag making the window of a grey London council building look like hope. It is the vision and courage of the poorest people and the incredible endurance of the sick. It is the fear and excitement of not knowing what will happen, and the opportunities that are, therefore, endless. Opportunities to make a country without poverty or AIDS or crime. It is a place of togetherness with the 'Spirit of a Great Heart' (as Johnny Clegg writes/sings). But most of all, it is the only place on Earth where I feel truly passionate about life every single day. The only place I feel alive.

(reproduced from Homecoming Revolution)

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