Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Two results

I passed my Ofsted Grading Inspection with a Good. All those months of work on Risk Assessments, policies & procedures, observations all paid off. The inspector was lovely and the three boys (son no.2 and cmk nos. 1 & 2) behaved impeccably (although I didn't tell them too!). I was very pleased with the outcome.

Daughter no.2 took her Prepatory Ballet exam and passed - not only did she pass but she passed with Honours (she got 85 out of 85). Her teacher was beside herself with happiness when she rang me with the results. Daughter no.2 was very pleased and asked if she could have a chocolate hedgehog cake to celebrate. Of course mama obliged. The picture below was taken on my phone which the maniac jack russell had chewed, hence the fuzzy quality (she managed to chew the lens!). This was daughter no.2 just before she went into her exam. Oooh.......

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sarahdoow said...

What a clever lot you all are. Except maybe for the crazy dog ;-)