Thursday, 22 May 2008

So I decided

upon this fine late spring evening, to start a blog. I used to have one but was limited to the amount of posts I could put on it, and couldn't figure out how to upload photos etc. So this is the new one. The title of which is in reference to my favourite saying "xxx (insert appropriate child's name here) you are getting on mommy's last nerve" - I've had this last nerve for the past 16 years so it's holding it's own quite well.

Dinner is cooking, marvellous smells are permeating the air, the baby is moaning because he's hungry and tired, both of which are about to be rectified by dinner, cuddles and bed time. I don't understand how the celebrities currently engaging in the "baby food diet" are doing it, baby food in jars/tins is revolting, I certainly wouldn't be punishing myself like that - I think I'll stick to a nice salad thank you.

Talking of weight, it's coming off slowly, I have four babies weight to get rid of - realistically slowly and hopefully all by this time next year - I've managed to get into what I lovingly call my "fat jeans" i.e. the jeans I was in BEFORE loosing the weight BEFORE falling pregnant with son no.2. My "skinny jeans" are the ones I will be in when I loose the weight again that I lost BEFORE falling pregnant with son no.2. Are you following the train of thought.....?

Son no.2 and daughter no.2 are in bed, she's singing and he's slumbering. Daughter no.1 is upstairs and son no.1 is hovering behind me waiting to get on the laptop to look at some wrestling something or other. Listening to Pokemon used to drive me insane all day, it was permanently in the background or in the back of my mind; now all I hear is various wrestler's theme tunes or "Mrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedy" (I don't know who he is).

Mr H is home. Which is good. He's been to see the new Indiana Jones movie and loved it. Critics are divided, but I don't listen to what critics say, some of my favourite films have been slated by critics and some that have been lauded by them I have despised. That's the way it goes.

I leave you with a photo of son no.2's new nappy wrap, made by a friend of mine from Babyworld ante-natal club. It's gorgeous, and it sums him up totally - my little pirate!

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